As is now customary, the guys at UK automotive site, Car Wow, have filmed another drag race video that debuted over the course of this weekend; this week it is a sportscar drag race. The protagonists fighting for brand honour as some of the most exciting small sportscars on sale today.

The line-up includes a Toyota GR Supra, which we drove at its South African ride and drive event earlier this year (click here to read our launch report), a Porsche Cayman GTS, an Audi TT RS and an Alpine A110. The latter may not be well known in SA as it isn’t on sale locally.

All the cars are powered by turbocharged engines, ranging from four- to six cylinders. They all feature automated dual-clutch transmissions, except the Supra, which uses a traditional torque converter automatic. All are rear-wheel drive, bar the Audi, that has the company’s famed Quattro all-wheel-drive.

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