The very last Audi R8 has just left the factory. The Vegas Yellow V10 Coupe heralds the end of the iconic model for the Four Rings. Audi was supposed to pull the plug on the R8 towards the end of 2023. However, there was an upswing in customer demand, leading the company to extend production until this week.

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A Continuation…?

Audi is placing its bet on electrification and will therefore move its focus entirely to battery powered models going forward. This perhaps opens the door for an R8 EV, but the ICE R8 that we’ve come to know and respect is done for. Sadly, this means that the high-revving, buzz-saw V10 engine will not feature in any VW Group products going forward. Lamborghini is developing a hybridised, twin-turbo V8 for the Huracan’s replacement. 

Racing Roots

The Audi R8 was named after the sports prototype which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans five times from 2000 to 2005. The first concept, called the Le Mans quattro, made its public debut at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2003. Response to the mid-engined coupe concept was extremely positive, which led management to greenlight for production.

A Meteoric Rise

In 2006 the first production versions hit the road, to much acclaim around the world. Audi was an automaker with no mid-engine road-car building experience. But their first attempt was a major success, as dynamically adept as all its rivals. Even better, the R8 had an identity all of its own.

Early R8s were V8-powered, sharing the high-revving naturally aspirated engine found in the RS4 of the time. Audi later added a V10 option. Further expansion of the line-up included automatic transmissions as well as drop-top versions.

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The second generation R8 cemented the success of its forebear. Audi didn’t offer a V8 this time around. A V10 engine, as shared with stablemate Lamborghini, mated with dual-clutch transmission was the sole powertrain option. However, you could still choose to have a fixed- or folding roof.

The last Audi R8 will be kept by the company in its own collection of memorable machines. We just hope it gets a good work out every so often.