Petrolheads the world over look forward to the latest videos from Ken Block. The chief hoonigan has created memorable machinery to feature in his series of outrageous videos. You can see the most recent video Climkhana at this link. Today we were introduced to the Ken Block Hoonifox Concept.

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In the making

The Ken Block Hoonifox Concept doesn’t exist just yet. Block and his team at Hoonigan Industries has chosen to give us a look at its upcoming creation before it stars in its very own video. Hoonifox is set to be the wildest Hoonigan creation yet according to its creators. The starting point for the new car is a Fox-body Mustang, hence the Hoonifox name. It takes inspiration from the Hoonicorn, which is a fire-spitting 1960s-shape

Check out other Hoonigan creations in this video.

These images of the Ken Block Hoonifox Concept are electronic renders developed by Block in collaboration with designer Ash Thorp. Thorp was responsible for Block’s Ford Escort RS Cossie V2 and the new Batmobile. Design cues are taken from other models they have designed such as the WRC-inspired fenders, air scoops, side-exit exhaust pipes, and a large rear spoiler, which is similar to 1990s DTM racers. Thorp and Block took also inspiration from other fox-body Mustangs, including modded cars in the US and racecars.

Hoonigan hasn’t confirmed a powerplant for the car as yet. Possible alternatives include an Ecoboost twin-turbocharged V6, a naturally aspirated high-revving V8, or the electric drivetrain from a Mustang Mach-E, which will be a first for Block. The car will employ a rally-spec all-wheel-drive system. Like most of Block’s other cars, it’ll likely be built to go sideways and it will feature in a smoke-filled video that Block says may be shot in the Miami area with a 1980s/Miami Vice theme.

Learn all about the design process from the guys involved in the project in the video below.