Ken Block is the renowned for his entertaining Gymkhana (see part ten of the popular series at this link) and, more recently, Climbkhana videos. His most recent is called Climbkhana Tianmen Mountain and features his famous 1977 Ford F-150 truck.

Learn more about Block’s Ford Hoonitruck at this link.

Chinese challenge

The Tianmen Mountain Road, also known as Heaven’s Gate, made headlines earlier this year as VW set a record up the 99-corner mountain pass with its all-electric racer called the ID.R (learn more about that record-setting pass here). In Climbkhana Tianmen Mountain Block, obviously, isn’t going for any time records, but rather purely for style.

“About five years ago, I found a photo on the internet of this crazy road made of multiple switchbacks that actually crossed over itself,” said Ken Block of Climbkhana Tianmen Mountain. “Before I even discovered where in the world it was, I knew we had to go film there. As we did more research, I realized we may have found the greatest road ever. It’s like a European tarmac rally stage-but turned up to 11-and, it’s set in a wild scene that looks stolen right out of the movie Avatar.”