Icon is a US-based workshop owned by Jonathan and Jamie Ward. Their main aim, according to the website is to marry modern performance to classic styling. Well, the Icon Derelict Mercury Coupe is a perfect example of just that.


The Icon Derelict Mercury Coupe is just the latest in the Derelict range of models restored using the company’s interesting approach. You can see older models from the range by clicking here.

The Merc Coop, as it is commonly referred to in the US, looks as it did when it left the factory in 1949, and that’s where the similarity ends. Under the skin, it rides on a custom frame. The Art Morrison underpinnings feature independent suspension for a cushy, modern ride.

However, the most interesting bit is under the bonnet. Two electric motors replace any form of internal combustion. This new form of propulsion is worth 300 kW and 630 N.m of torque. The battery controllers and some batteries are set to resemble a V8 motor. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a limited-slip differential.

A full 85-kWh set of Tesla batteries are spread around the car. Underneath the original fuel cap is a Tesla supercharger connector. The Hot Rod has 250 to 320 km of range and, thanks to that Tesla supercharger, 90-minute full recharge capability.

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To keep the Derelict theme alive, Icon didn’t restore the old body or greyish green paint leaving its patina. In the cabin is period-appropriate fabrics and leather set. Digital gauges have a vintage design. The car does have electric windows, and air-conditioning.

“This pioneering build adds the sort of visceral connection no modern EV can provide,” said Icon.

Somewhere, the creators of the Hot Rod genre are either turning in the graves, or smiling down as the hybrid of old body and new tech is what started the whole craze those many years ago.