What happens when you drop a Tesla drivetrain into an old Honda? You get a Teslonda.

An old formula

It’s not a new formula, squeezing large engines into small cars has been the backbone of the tuning and hot-rodding industry for decades. Software company owner and car enthusiast Jim Belosic has just applied some modern thinking to an old idea.

Belosic loves tinkering with cars, but after a brief experience with electric cars, realised that this is the way forward.

Here’s an all-electric AC Cobra using an electric drivetrain.

A new take

There are several crashed Tesla models lying around the US, so Belosic decided he would start with the motor from a Tesla Model S P85. Power would come from a Chevy Volt battery pack, rated at 400 volts.

He dropped the whole shebang into an old Honda Accord, and the results are quite hilarious as the motor is good for over 400 kW.

This link takes you to a short video of the motor and battery running for the first time.

Blinding acceleration

Thanks in part to those massive rear Mickey Thompson street-legal drag tyres, the Teslonda can sprint to 96 km/h from standstill in under 2,5 seconds.

There’s no quoted top speed figure or range, but as this looks like a toy the guys play with on the weekends, I suspect neither figure is really important.

Be sure to catch a full technical explanation of the upcoming and almost as quick all-electric Rimac C_Two by clicking here.

Keeping it fun

Belosic and his mates don’t take themselves too seriously as you can see from the instrument cluster that was inspired by arcade games of the 1990s.

The best acceleration times are displayed as high scores – brilliant.

Check out the Teslonda in action here with an explanation of the project by Belosic.