We enjoy covering a good restomod on our site. You can see restomod Porsches from Singer, Bisimoto and Kaege (by clicking on each name) not to mention this BMW on our site. The story below is not new, but when a reader sent us pics of the GWA Mercedes-Benz 300SLC we had to share this unique car with you.

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Texas-based Gullwing America has built a few modernised Mercedes replicas over the years. The company says its products are where “retro styling meets modern technology.”  One of the most notable has been its 300SL replica known as the Panamericana 300SL (pictured). The remake of the classic Gullwing is powered by a 5,5-litre V8 that produces 294 kW and features modern running gear. Its latest project takes the theme one step further.

GWA Panamericana 300SL

Old but new

The GWA Mercedes-Benz 300SLC was inspired by the 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SC. Mercedes built just 92 of the original car in convertible guise. An unnamed Eastern European client asked Gullwing America to build him this car as he is a fan of the older model but wanted modern niceties.

GWA started with a Mercedes-AMG SLS. They then removed the body and replaced it with a handmade aluminium skin that features a removable hardtop. Modern touches outside include LED headlights, a custom exhaust and height-adjustable suspension that rides on 21-inch front and 22-inch custom-made alloys. The interior and engine remain unchanged from the donor car. The original 300SC used a version of Mercedes’ 3,0-litre inline six-cylinder engine from the era that produced 128 kW. The reimagined car has 420 kW from the raucous SLS AMG’s 6,2-litre naturally aspirated V8.

In his own words

“We tried to keep the original lines of this model, which are timeless,” says Arturo Alonso, head of GWA. “However, making it truly unique required some changes. This included changing the position of the pop-out rear spoiler and modernizing the headlights with LEDs. The grille was redesigned with an assertive, yet elegant, slant and illuminated emblem on the top.”