Do you fancy owning a BMW 2002 but can’t be bothered to deal with the headaches of old car ownership, or can’t afford the current values? Then this Everytimer ETA 02 Cabrio may be the answer to your problems.

A look back

Restomodding is not a new trend. Workshops and tuning houses all over the world have been creating/building new cars that have the appearance of old models for many years. These restomods have the appearance of old cars but feature modern drivetrains, mod-cons, and modern braking systems. Porsches reimagined by Singer are a perfect example of this.

A new old BMW

Everytimer has chosen the iconic BMW 2002 as its inspiration. The 2002 is a car that set the template for BMW’s sporting saloons for decades to come. The basis for the ETA 02 Cabrio is an E88 generation BMW 135i.

Everytimer ditches the standard body and replaces it with one that is made entirely from carbon-fibre. The BMW 2002 inspiration is clear, from the ‘shark nose’ front treatment and circular taillamps. Modern touches include bi-xenon headlamps and LED units at the rear. The Everytimer ETA 02 Cabrio is not quite as aggro as BMW’s own 2002 Hommage (pictured above), but that was just a design study ie never to become a series production reality.

Mixing it up

The cabin has a mix of old and new. Interior trim can be covered in hound’s tooth or tartan, as was all the rage when the 2002 was new. Everytimer has retained the basic interior treatment, along with the steering and gear lever. Wooden trim for the wheel and shifter would have been a nice touch.

Under the skin the Everytimer ETA 02 uses the donor car’s inline 3,0-litre turbocharged motor and transmission along with its rear-wheel-drive layout. With 225 kW propelling the lighter weight body the ETA 02 should be plenty quick.