Over the past few weeks we’ve been trying to keep you entertained and informed through several posts to engage with during this lockdown/stay-at-home period. We’ve brought you the best car content to watch (link here) and a post that outlines several car museums that you can tour virtually (click here for that post) thanks to modern technology. The Petersen Museum in Los Angeles has been showcasing car collections via its YouTube channel. Most recently they highlighted the GAS Car Collection.

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The Galpin Auto Sports, or GAS Car Collection, is situated in Los Angeles. This has to be one of the weirdest and most diverse collections we’ve ever seen. Among the wide array of machines are several high-performance Fords, both new and old, that includes a brand new Ford GT and Shelby Mustang GT500. There are also original Shelby Mustangs ranging back to the very first.

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Racecars feature as well, some old, some new all with history. One of the most interesting is a four-engined Mustang, yes, you read that correctly FOUR engines, called the Mach 4. It sits alongside drag cars, Nascars and off-road racers.

Celeb owners

Several microcars are parked alongside luxo-barges such as Aston Martin Lagondas and Americana owned by famous names such as Liberace, Elvis Presley and every American’s favourite speed merchant Carroll Shelby. The latter is a DeTomaso Pantera that housed a Nascar engine and was the development mule for the original Viper.

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There are also several funky/concept cars that are all one-off creations. Among them is a levitating car, another based on a bath-tub and a limo that has no seats but rather has a lounge in thec abin – NICE! Take a tour through the GAS Car Collection with Beau Boeckmann president of Galpin Auto Sports.