The chaps over at UK-site Car Wow manage to arrange the best drag race videos. Some time back they were the first to run the new BMW M5 against the Mercedes-AMG E63 S. Not that long ago they hosted a pocket rocket challenge with the smaller hot hatch brigade.

Click here to see a horrific Lamborghini Trofeo crash that took place in the US recently.

Now they have lined up a five-way hot-hatch drag race. Five of the fastest current front-wheel-drive models to do battle on an airstrip. A Hyundai i30N, Honda Type-R, Renault Megane RS, Seat Cupra R and Peugeot 308 GTI go head-to-head for bragging rights as to which is the best over a number of straight line challenges. We don’t receive all the models that are featured in the video here in South Africa, but it’s good to know what the pecking order is.

If you are wondering how a Golf GTI would fare, check out this race between a Hyundai i30N and the VW.

The cars line-up for a straight, off-the-line drag race, then just to remove driver skill from the equation they do a rolling start acceleration run as well and braking test to see which can dial up the best numbers.

Sit back and enjoy: