It’s no secret that Tesla has captured the attention of current and future buyers with its high-performance all-electric creations. The least likely of the lot, though, has to be its Model X SUV. Click here to read more about it. Model X offers more performance than most supercars. Mercedes-Benz debuted its first all-electric model in the shape of an SUV, click here for more info. And soon enough we will see a Ford Electric SUV.


Ford released the teaser image seen above of the tail of the new model. Enthusiasts ie, readers of this site, will quickly see the links between the rear-end styling treatment of the future model and the company’s top-selling sports coupe, namely the Mustang.

The Ford Electric SUV is expected to make its public debut late next year and go on sale as a 2020 model. Ford has not revealed any information regarding the model, but it has made it clear that inspiration has been taken from the Mustang and the Explorer SUV models. Some are speculating that the battery-powered SUV will have a range of up to 480 km. It will have to if it expects to compete with the likes of the Tesla Model X.

New division

The Ford electric SUV will be developed by a new team created within the Ford structure, called Team Edison. Ford is focused on driving its electric vehicle business forward, both with hybrid vehicles and full battery-electric vehicles with research led by Ford’s Team Edison. The team is working to accelerate both the development and adoption of electric vehicles.

The new model was initially dubbed Mach 1, but die-hard Mustang fans took offense and it seems that a rethink was required. No news on what the new name is going to be.

You can see Ford’s inspiration for the new model in this cheesy 1980s style video complete with Tron-like synth soundtrack: