Two of the best-selling nameplates in South Africa are the Toyota Fortuner and Hilux. Based on the same platform, the two locally produced vehicles are staples of the automotive landscape. Each sells in massive numbers every month, almost always leading their respective segments. Now we have a facelifted Toyota Fortuner and Hilux to dominate the sales charts.

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Double debut

Both the facelifted Toyota Fortuner and Hilux debuted earlier today in a double debut for the brand. Typically such leading models get their own moment in the spotlight, but Toyota chose to unveil these siblings at the same time.

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New appearance

The most obvious changes are the appearance of both models. Sporting LED detailing on the headlamps and a resculpted front bumper helps give the Fortuner a more modern appearance. Models higher up the range are also fitted with alloys of a new design. The new headlamps are complemented by a reshaped taillamps that are slimmer and three-dimensional in appearance.

The ‘new’ Toyota Fortuner has also been revised inside. A larger infotainment screen now sits on the facia. The system features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, both will also make their way into the updated Hilux.

Hilux gets a much more in-your-face new appearance that is immediately evident to fans of the model. A stronger visage is reminiscent of other pick-ups in the family, such as the US-made Tacoma, which is quite a butch-looking bakkie.

Updated powerplant

Not seen in these pics is a revised version of the range-leading 2,8-litre powerplant. Toyota has tweaked the turbodiesel to deliver more power and torque. Peak figures are now quoted as 150 kW along with an extremely healthy 500 N.m of twist effort. This revised engine will also make its way into the Hilux. Reports suggest that the smaller 2,4-litre diesel remains unchanged.

It is unclear when the facelifted Toyota Fortuner and Hilux will go on sale in South Africa.