Thanks to the current national lockdown we’ve watched more than our fair share of movies over these last few days, in between bringing you cool content to consume, of course. If you’ve managed to get through most of your recorded decoder backlog and all of your favourite series, then we highly recommend checking out our lists of car content to watch: Part One, Part Two and Part Three. We’ve also been watching a few action, comedy and dramatic movies in between and we have seen a few things that seem to apply to almost all car-related actions. With that in mind we bring you 25 Things We Learned While Watching Movies. If you have any funny observations to share, feel free to post them to our Facebook page.

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  1. A car’s tyres will squeal under braking or during cornering even if the car is on a wet road or gravel.
  2. You need some form of advanced degree to drive a manual car/stickshift.
  3. If a car has an issue a cloud of steam will billow out of the engine bay regardless of the problem.
  4. Every car in the Fast ‘n’ Furious movies has 25 gears.
  5. There’s always a flat-bed tow truck creating a ramp to send chasing bad guys flying through the air.
  6. Starting a car is as simple as touching together any two wires you find under the dashboard.
  7. When the hero is escaping the nearest car will be unlocked and the keys will be in the sun visor.
  8. Cars tend to blow up very easily seconds after a crash.
  9. Any car leaving the road will ramp through the air and do a barrel roll.
  10. All cars will lock up their wheels when braking hard, ABS doesn’t exist in the movies.
  11. Regardless of the speed you are travelling it’s always possible to shift down a gear.
  12. You can drive at highway speeds in reverse gear. 
  13. Almost no one wears a seat belt in any movie or TV show.
  14. You can ride a bike at high speeds without a helmet but not have a strand of hair out of place.
  15. A car will need five or six tries to start if you are being chased by a murderer.
  16. The hero detective can shoot out both tyres of a car doing 50 km/h with 9 mm pistol.
  17. If chatting with a passenger you can look away from the road for as long as the conversation takes.
  18. The bad guys usually drive black SUVs.
  19. It’s possible to fly up to 10 metres in air and land without destroying your entire suspension
  20. Every car sounds like a V8.
  21. Cars make excellent bullet shields even from the most powerful guns.
  22. You can always spot the douchebag in the teen comedy because he drives a 1970s musclecar.
  23. Cars can repair themselves during chase scenes, fenders are undented and wheel caps are replaced.
  24. Side windows can be punched through with the single blow of a fist.
  25. Even when driving down a perfectly straight road you have to turn the steering wheel as though you’re on a mountain pass.