June 25 2021 is the day petrolheads in many parts of the world have been waiting for. This Friday heralds the premiere of the latest Fast and Furious movie simply titled F9. If you are reading this site the chances are you’ve seen at least one of the previous eight big screen blockbusters. On the off chance that you haven’t, host of The Late Late Show James Corden recaps all the Fast and Furious movies in a recent show.

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Box-office success

It seems hard to believe (especially for those of us who watched it on the big screen at the time – Ed) but the very first instalment of the franchise premiered 20 years ago in 2001. At the time no one would have guessed that the movie with DVD-stealing street racers as its premise would spawn eight follow-ups. Or that the series would gross $6bn worldwide. Damn, that must get you all the NOS your heart desires, or your intake manifold can handle.

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Fast movies have been set in exotic locales from LA to Toyko, Cuba to Iceland and everywhere in between, though we have yet to see them racing through a game reserve… Big name stars from across the globe, including our own “meisie van Benoni”, Charlize Theron (sporting the worst hairstyle ever seen on the big screen) have shared the screen with the regulars from the series such as Paul Walker (until his untimely death), Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese and Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges. 

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Watch as funnyman Corden breaks down each of the Fast and Furious movies in his own inimitable style.