The name Tarso Marques may be familiar to die-hard F1 fans. The Brazilian driver had a few stints in the sport, all with now defunct Minardi. After his international racing career ended the racer returned to his home country and started a custom bike-building firm called Tarso Marques Concepts, which has created the zany looking Tarso Marques Concepts Dumont.

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Space age

The crazy looking creation you see in these images is the latest creation, dubbed the Dumont. It is powered full-sized airplane engine and rides on over-sized hubless wheels. An original, 225 kW Rolls-Royce Continental V6 engine from a 1960s aircraft provides power and a raucous soundtrack. The wheels measure a whopping 36 inches and feature an eye-catching hubless design.

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The Tarso Marques Concepts Dumont turns heads wherever it goes. For now there is just the one unit and there has been no word if it will be produced in numbers or to order. Check out the video below to witness this crazy contraption in action.