The Fast and Furious movie franchise is far from over. A series which started out as eye-candy for car enthusiasts has evolved into being full-on action flicks, modified Scoobys and Supras are a thing of the past. You could say it’s become less fast and more furious over time. The next F&F is rumoured for an April 2020 release, but fans can still get a dose of action in 2019. The creators of the famous movies have branched out to bring us Hobbs & Shaw.

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The latest movie teams up strongmen Jason Statham and Rock “The Duwayne” Johnson in an action extravaganza. The duo faces off against Idris Elba, who seems to possess superhuman strength. There are some nods to car action in the trailer, but we’re willing to bet ALL of the car scenes were included to entice fans of the F&F to the new spin-off. Below is the official Hobbs & Shaw Trailer