On March 8 we hosted the first Double Apex Breakfast Drive of 2020. The event took place in the West Coast region of the Cape. Below are some images shot by ace lensman David Marchio (see other examples of his handiwork by clicking here). You can see more images from the drive on our Facebook page. Also, follow Double Apex on Instagram where we share more car content.

Sun up

This Double Apex Breakfast Drive was a test for future events and was therefore attended mostly by friends and long-time supporters of our brand. The morning kicked off with coffee at the historic Ons Huisie restaurant in the Bloubergstrand area. Onlookers were wowed by a constant stream of old and new machinery in all shapes, sizes and colours. Dog-walkers, cyclists and runners were quick to wield mobile phones to capture the gathering of over two dozen cars.

Variety is…

The rally of cars included modern performance machines, old and new classics, sportscars and a few limited-edition models. Taking up station in the car park were an assortment of Mazda MX-5s covering almost all generations, several BMWs including mint examples of an (E12) 535i and (E30) 325iS not forgetting a few M cars, a trio of locally built Harpers, a brace of Evos that sounded extremely menacing, a neat Triumph Spitfire, a retro-liveried BMW 2002, a mean Ford Mustang and a showroom-clean Ferrari 308. Among the lesser-seen cars was a rare Lancia Thema 8.32 that was sold boasting a Ferrari V8, a three-door VW Golf Clubsport S, an original Porsche Flachbau and a pair of Volvo 850R sedans.

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Nice and chilled

After a quick briefing, the convoy set off sedately up the West Coast stopping along the way to enjoy the scenery and take countless photographs. At each stop, pilots and co-pilots took the opportunity to admire each other’s cars and ask loads of questions about the rarer and more bespoke creations. From the coastal road, we headed inland where we had pre-arranged to visit a private car collection. Afterward, the group congregated at the Rocomamas burger restaurant in Durbanville for lunch. Post burgers and milkshakes the Double Apex Breakfast Drive attendees all headed out in their respective directions.

Watch a full video of the event below. Check out more pics at the bottom of this post and on our Facebook.

Image highlights from the event

Double Apex Breakfast Drive

Wearing his Double Apex gear with pride.

Double Apex Breakfast Drive

Listening intently to the drivers’ briefing.

Double Apex Breakfast Drive

This was one of many MX-5s in attendance at the Double Apex Breakfast Drive.

BMW 325iS

This BMW 325iS looked as fresh as the day it was made.

Ferrari gear lever

Ferrari gear lever.

Good sunglasses are essential on summer drives

Good sunglasses are essential on summer drives, and to look cool.

Double Apex Breakfast Drive

Evos on the prowl.

Double Apex Breakfast Drive

Mustang menace.