Bugatti has done a great job of diversifying its very limited portfolio. It has, essentially, taken one model and created several versions of it for buyers with different requirements (click here to check out all the Chiron-based Bugattis). One of the most exciting, for us anyway, is the track-focussed member of the family. Ahead of the start of production later this year Bugatti has released some info, pics and video of the Chiron Pur Sport testing.

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Subtle changes

The Chiron Pur Sport boasts a firmer suspension set-up accompanied by sticky Michelin Sport Cup 2R rubber, a shorter-ratio gearbox, and a rev limiter that has been raised by 200 r/min to 6 900 for the 8,0-litre quad-turbo powerplant. The shorter gearing allows the Chiron Pur Sport to accelerate in sixth gear from 60 to 120 km/h almost two seconds faster than a ‘regular’ Chiron. It is also 50 kilograms lighter. Other revisions include lightweight and aero-tuned alloys as well as extra downforce from a fixed wing. Bugatti will make 60 units at €3 million each with production starting later this year.

Learn more about the Pur Sport at this link.

For the first time, ESC Sport+ allows drivers to oversteer the Pur Sport in controlled drifts, space permitted. Experienced drivers can control the rear axle with the accelerator pedal before the ESC puts the brakes on. “Even for our engineers who are very familiar with the Chiron, this is so much fun they don’t want to get out of the car. The Chiron Pur Sport makes you a better driver,” explains Jachin Schwalbe, head of chassis development.

Tight and twisty

The site chosen for Chiron Pur Sport testing is the Bilster Berg circuit in Germany. The 4,2-km circuit is known as a little Nurburgring. The track has nine right turns and ten left turns, 44 crests and dips and an elevation change of 70 metres. Bilster Berg served as the home for Bugatti’s testing team for three days in May. Eight Bugatti engineers were involved in testing there before they move on to the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

In his own words

“This is crucial for development because the Chiron Pur Sport is set up for maximum performance and lateral dynamics. The laps on the test tracks are incredibly important here. With the Chiron Pur Sport, we’re pursuing a more extreme and radical development approach.  It’s the perfect car for all those drivers who enjoy cornering at the limits and want to feel a connection with the road,” explains says Stefan Ellrott, head of development at Bugatti.