We’ve been covering Aston Martin’s upcoming hypercar with regularity on this site. The Valkyrie public debut took place at the Silverstone F1 Grand Prix this weekend. You can read about the Valkyrie’s high-revving V12 engine at this link and about its various specification offerings here.

Aston Martin has already confirmed that the Valkyrie will be competing in the World Endurance Championship as the new rules were tailored to include hypercars.

First showing

The 865 kW Valkyrie was piloted by Aston Martin high performance test driver Chris Goodwin for its first public demonstration run. Aston Martin, in conjunction with Red Bull Racing, has been carrying out all of its vehicle modeling in the digital space. This weekend was the very first time the car has been driven in the physical world. Even if you like what you see, and can afford the hefty price tag, all 150 Valkyries have already been sold.

In their own words

Chris Goodwin said on completing the lap, “I’ve driven this car around Silverstone for countless hours on the simulator at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s HQ and in many other sportscars throughout my career, but to drive Aston Martin Valkyrie here today feels exceptionally special. Of course, we still have a lot of development work to go but we can now begin to really push the physical testing process and realise the capabilities of what we have developed over the past months. Putting that aside, today has brought a real smile to my face and I hope that the crowds watching from the stands enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Christian Horner, team principal Aston Martin Red Bull Racing said, “This moment is the result of a magnificent collaboration of design and development between Red Bull Advanced Technologies and Aston Martin. The initial vision was to build a hypercar that would deliver the best in technological advancement and high performance and, together, we have achieved this. The Valkyrie public debut is just the beginning of a remarkable story for Aston Martin.”

Adrian Newey, chief technical officer at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, said: “To finally see Aston Martin Valkyrie running five years from when I first sat down and started sketching what this car could look like is quite an emotional day. With the change in vision angle as it comes past and the noise, it is now doing what it is supposed to be doing which is to move and be dynamic. It has been an enormous push for the team to get it running here today at the home of British motorsport so this is also a special moment for them.”