Electric cars are quick, there is no doubt about that. Instantaneous power delivery means that they can scamper off the line quicker than almost any ICE car. But the battery fed machines usually run out of steam. The Aspark SP600 has removed that stigma as it is now certified as the world’s fastest electric car. The SP600 achieved a top speed of 438,7 km/h.

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Masanori Yoshida, Aspark CEO said, “It has been about 10 years since we started making the Owl Hypercar. We aimed for the world’s fastest acceleration car, and then attempted and achieved the top speed world record today. This technical capability inspires all involved to personal excellence and to challenge and grow in leaps and bounds into the future.”

Record Breakers

The race to be the quickest and fastest EV is on going. We covered the record-breaking achievements of the Rimac Nevera (link here). These were conducted to beat the run achieved by the Nevera-based Battista. The Aspark Owl set the ball rolling when the company set the benchmark (link here) some time ago. Now Aspark, and its manufacturing partner Manifattura Automobili Torino have thrown down the gauntlet regarding top speed. 

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The Aspark SP600 hypercar was developed and manufactured at MAT headquarters in Italy. Although, the press material makes no mention of power or torque ratings. The Aspark Owl is powered by four electric motors that produce a total of 1 480 kW and 2 000 N.m of torque. It seems as though the newer version is based on the Owl, but we’re willing to bet it has loads more grunt.

The car was driven by Nurburgring 24h winner Marc Basseng at the ATP proving ground in Papenburg, Germany. The 438,7 km/h he achieved was measured using certified Racelogic V-Box GPS-based measuring equipment. The speed is pretty impressive and takes the fight to other EV manufacturers. As a reminder Bugatti’s Chiron managed 490,48 km/h. Hennessey reckons its F5 will grab that record, though it has yet to do so. And Koenigsegg also claims that its Jesko will rewrite the record books. The Swedish firm is planning a top speed attempt, but no date has yet been set.