In 2019 Volkswagen announced a new sub-brand called ID. VW sees ID as the next step in mobility, embodied in a range of vehicles that are electrically powered with a high-degree of connectivity (check out the video at the bottom of this post). This week VW SA announced its first step in its journey towards electric mobility in South Africa through the launch of the e-Golf pilot project.

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Test phase

The e-Golf pilot project will entail a fleet of fully electric vehicles being tested by the media as well as selected dealers and Volkswagen employees. Any input derived from these test drives will be used to gain an insight into driving and living with an electric vehicle in South Africa. The project includes charging infrastructure installed at VW’s Uitenhage plant.

Watch the VW ID.R fly around the Nurburgring on its way to setting a new electric car lap record.

The e-Golf pilot project is the first of three phases planned by the local subsidiary. The second will be the expansion of the fleet to include fully electric Volkswagen ID.3 vehicles from 2021.The third phase of the project will be the introduction of fully electric vehicles for sale to customers in South Africa from 2022. VW SA is keen to point out that the e-Golf nor the ID.3 will not be available for sale in South Africa.

This VW Golf eR1 could be a precursor to a battery powered Golf R.

In his own words

“At Volkswagen, we want to democratise electric mobility and that is why the e-Golf pilot project is a key initiative for the brand. With the help of our dealers, we want to get as many South Africans as possible to drive and experience an electric vehicle as this is the future of our brand,” said Mike Glendinning, sales and marketing director for Volkswagen Group South Africa.