Think about supercar-producing nations and a few countries may spring to mind. Italy, Germany, the USA, maybe even Sweden will be near the top of the list. But Portugal is unlikely to feature… until now. The Adamastor Furia  is a brand new supercar that is billed as Portugal’s first.

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A New Player

Adamastor is a completely unknown quantity in the world of high-end/sportscars. Although the company has some racing experience. In keeping with the company’s roots, the Adamastor Furia is based on a carbon-fibre monocoque, and is therefore quite light. Press material for the new model quotes a mass of 1 100 kg for the ‘race’ version. There are two options for buyers to choose from: road and race. The tub is suspended by racecar-like double wishbones at each corner. A full range of suspension adjustment includes: toe, camber, caster, ground clearance, roll and bump stiffness. 

Ford Power

A Ford EcoBoost 3,5-litre engine sits behind the cabin in a longitudinal orientation. The twin-turbo V6 produces over 480 kW and 571 N.m of torque. These are hardly groundbreaking figures in an era when super saloons boast 500 kW or more. However these outputs can blast the rear-wheel-drive machine from rest to 100 km/h in 3,5 seconds. Its top speed is quoted as limited to 300 km/h in the road version. The focus here seems to be, more on grip and laps times. 

Aero Tuned

Adamastor has teamed up with racecar aero specialists to form the Furia. The prototype-like shape, which reminds us of the Praga Bohema, produces up to 1 800 kg of downforce at 250 km/h. In part, the downforce is generated by massive venturi tunnels that can be seen exiting the rear of the body. Thanks to the, invariably, high cornering speeds the Furia has massive 378 mm discs at the front and 356 mm at the rear. 

Adamastor is hoping that 60 wealthy individuals will trust the Portuguese company with their cash.