Every Saturday the good folks over at UK automotive site Car Wow present a new video, and it’s usually a race of some kind. This week it is a V8 family car drag race between three old foes.

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Teutonic trio

BMW had the performance saloon space pretty much to itself for many years. Products from the M Division were the default choice for anyone who wanted a proper performer. When Audi launched the RS4 and Mercedes followed with the C63, things changed somewhat. Both newcomers provided enough firepower and dynamic ability to be true challengers, and braai-fire chats between fans of each went on long into the night.

Check out the next-gen BMW M4 testing at the Nurburgring in this video.

Naturally aspirated V8s

When the E90 M3 was launched each manufacturer had a four-door option with a naturally aspirated V8 to go up against its rivals. Since then things have changed with each manufacturer taking a different route for their respective subsequent generations.

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In this race, we have the E90 M3 with a 4,0-litre V8 driving its rear wheels. The high-revving unit put out 309 kW and 400 N.m of torque. Audi’s wagon countered with 331 kW and 430 N.m. Mercedes didn’t mess around and dropped a 6,3-litre V8 into the W204 C-Class that produced 336 kW and a massive 600 N.m of torque. All the cars have automated transmissions but the Audi has all-wheel-drive, which will help immensely with getting it off the line. All three cars race from standstill as well as from a rolling start and there is also braking test to see which pulls up in the shortest space.

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