If you have never heard of the Slovenian automaker Tushek, welcome to the club. The company, founded by Slovenian racing driver, Aljosa Tushek debuted an all-new model this week called the Tushek TS900 Apex, and it looks quite interesting. The TS900 H Apex isn’t the company’s first car. A few years ago it produced the 335 kW Renovatio T500 (white car pictured above).

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Hybrid power

Under the engine cover of the Tushek TS900 H Apex is a 4,2-litre V8 motor that features forced induction. In addition, two electric motors, one on each front wheel, boost power levels. Combined power output of the internal combustion engine (ICE) and electrical component is a massive 708 kW of power (900 hp, hence the name). Max torque is rated as 1 400 N.m.

Underpinning the Tushek TS900 H Apex is a chrome-moly spaceframe, which is clad in pre-impregnated carbon-fibre panels. Tushek’s press material says the new car weighs a scant 1 410 kg. That’s about the same as a modern hot hatch. Performance claims have the car sprinting from 0 to 96 km/h (60 mph) in 2,5 seconds with a top speed of 380 km/h.

Scissor doors are used for maximum dramatic effect and a removable structural hardtop allows drivers to enjoy the sun and the sound of the V8 in the cabin.

Performance partners

Tushek has enlisted the services of two top-tier suppliers in the performance car game to ensure that the TS 900 H Apex can effectively and safely translate that power. Pirelli Trofeo Series R tyres are 235/35 section at the front and 305/30 on the rear axle. Brembo calipers are fitted inside the alloy wheels.

In his own words

Aljosa Tushek:  Over the past years we have intensively developed and constructed advanced technological solutions for our new model, the TS 900 H Apex, in particular in the area of electric drivetrain. Those developments are now incorporated in our latest model and have been successfully tested in racetrack conditions over the past months.

You can see and listen to the new car in action here: