We spent the last week experiencing the Peugeot 3008 GT Line first hand and learned a few surprising facts about the model, seven of which we share with you here.

The Peugeot 3008 GT Line is not a newcomer to our market, unlike most other vehicles you will read about on our site. It is, however, one of Peugeot’s top models on offer in South Africa at the moment. The kind folks at Peugeot South Africa sent us a test unit in an effort to get us more familiar with its current product offerings.

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During our time with this crossover/SUV we learned a few interesting facts about the 3008, specifically in GT Line specification. We share some of our thoughts on the model with you here.

 1. The 3008 GT Line is a uniquely styled crossover.

There’s French flair in every aspect of its appearance, from the notched headlamps (which BMW seems to have borrowed for its latest 3 Series) to the stand out colour, and distinctive crease lines over the wheels to the unique C-pillars and the ‘claw’ motif taillamps. Its lines and detailing are like no other SUV on sale locally or, we’d venture, abroad.

2. It is chock-full of equipment.

The list is long and impressive, so we’ll just mention a few highlights here. Standard items on the GT Line version include: keyless access to the cabin and keyless start-up as well as hands-free operation of the tailgate (just do the hokey pokey under the rear bumper and hey presto), satellite navigation with speed warnings, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless mobile phone charging, dual-zone climate control, heated front seats with a massage function on the driver’s side, nappa leather upholstery, tyre pressure monitors and a reversing camera.

3. The small diameter steering wheel feels odd.

At nearly 4,5 metres long and over 2,0 metres wide, the 3008 GT Line is not a shrinking violet, so Peugeot’s decision to fit a rather small and sporty steering wheel seems at odds with the exterior dimensions. Peugeot has come under fire for these small steering rims obstructing the view of the instrument cluster. In part, the company’s solution has been to implement a counter-clockwise direction for the rev-counter.

4. Speaking of which, the digital instrument cluster can be altered.

It has different themes that can be chosen by the driver to suit their mood. Added to that is the option to configure the display to show just the info you wish to see. If you look at the images (above) you will note two different colour configurations of the cluster, one of which features a brushed copper appearance to mimic the exterior hue on the test unit we had.

5. Its non-traditional gear-lever is completely natural in feel and operation.

Many companies have tried to change/improve the design of the automatic shifter. In most modern cars the lever no longer has a mechanical link with the transmission instead shift signals are conveyed electronically to the gearbox’s computer. This has given designers a bit more freedom with this item. Many companies have tried, and many have failed, to create an effective new solution, but this isn’t the case with the 3008 GT Line. The uncommonly shaped lever is aesthetically pleasing and requires no additional brainpower to operate.

6. The sport button doesn’t seem to do much.

We’re of the opinion that almost all SUVs should not possess a sport setting. Vehicles such as these have no sporting pretence and to offer little nods to sportiness just aren’t necessary. When ‘sport’ mode was engaged we felt no difference whatsoever, there was just a change in exhaust note, which wasn’t particularly pleasing.

7. It has a full-size spare AND massive boot space, 591 litres according to Peugeot.

In a time when many manufacturers offer run-flat tyres or mobility-kit solutions to deal with flat tyres, Peugeot’s 3008 GT Line comes with an alloy wheel fitted with a full-size spare tyre under the boot board.

Our time with the Peugeot 3008 GT Line was extremely pleasant. It is an agreeable vehicle that is a left-field alternative to the mainstream SUV options (read: Hyundai Tucson, Toyota RAV4, Honda CRV, VW Tiguan, etc). At R519 900 it isn’t particularly cheap, but it does come with a comprehensive spec sheet, a striking appearance, good ride quality and a four-year/60 000 km service plan.

Model: Peugeot 3008 GT Line

Price: R519 900

Engine: 1,6-litre, turbocharged, inline four-cylinder

Transmission: six-speed automatic, FWD

Max power: 121 kW

Max torque: 240 N.m

Top speed: 201 km/h

0-100 km/h: 8,9 sec

Fuel consumption: 7,0 L/100 km