There are many countries in Europe that are immediately associated with producing sportscars, but Spain is not high on that list. A new, Barcelona-based outfit plans to change that impression with the Baltasar Revolt. More than being a track-focussed machine the company also says that its creation is road legal. The company’s press material states:

Baltasar offers a new and exciting concept for those car lovers who look for new experiences without forgetting the finest and purest driving sensations.

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Lightweight and powerful

The Baltasar Revolt has all the ingredients to make it the real deal. The Revolt is based on a steel spaceframe, but it seems that most other parts of the car are fashioned from lightweight carbon-fibre. All up the car weighs in at a scant 770 kg, roughly 200 kg lighter than a Mazda MX-5, which is considered to be a lightweight in the modern world of pudgy sportscars. 

Powering the Baltasar Revolt is an all-electric drivetrain that delivers 373 kW of power and 1 000 N.m of torque to the rear wheels – wooohhooooo. It produces the same power, but weighs half as much as a BMW M3 (read our driving review here). With those numbers it’s no surprise to learn that the little roadster can sprint from standstill to 100 km/h in just 2,5 seconds. This isn’t just a straight-line specialist either. High-performance brakes, advanced aerodynamics and racecar-like in-board suspension are just some of the items that will make this a proper track weapon.

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The cabin of the Baltasar Revolt is pretty sparse. A pair of carbon-fibre seats and harnesses keep occupants firmly in place during high-G cornering. There’s a small electronic display on the ‘dashboard’ and the removable steering wheel seems as though it was nicked from a pukka racecar.

Baltasar’s press material says that the car is hand-built entirely in-house, except for the 700V battery pack that is sourced from a Spanish manufacturer. The price (before duties and taxes) for all this goodness… approximately R4,6 million using today’s forex rate.