A few months ago we brought you the story below on the Rimac C_Two. We’ve updated the story with a video from the automaker outlining the cars aerodynamic testing process. The video can be found at the bottom of this post.

One of the highlights of the recent Geneva Motor Show was, undoubtedly, the Rimac C_Two. Among the raft of new models this electric car from a, until recently, little-known start-up stole the limelight. Rimac made some extremely bold claims for a car that will soon be put into production.

Charged up

Rimac Automibili is a Croatian company (yes, from Croatia) and the C_Two hypercar is the brainchild of company founder Mate (pr: mah-tey) Rimac. It makes over 1 400 kW from its four electric motors.

According to the company, this allows it to sprint to 100 km/h from standstill in under 2,0 seconds. Claimed top speed is in excess of 400 km/h. And the best part is a usable range, of 650 km in the NEDC, a figure that will make most supercars green with envy.

Full details here

There are some incredible features; including a race driver autonomous coaching mode… we kid you not.

We could go on, but in the video below you can get a full rundown from the Rimac CEO as he chats with Jonny Smith. Incidentally, the presenter is a big fan of EVs as he owns an all-electric drag car that blitzes the quarter mile in 9,6 seconds.

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