A few days ago we brought you a story of the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro. Now we have full details of the latest model to join the GT family of AMG cars.

While we speculated that the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro may have more power than the GT R, it seems that the power output from the 4,0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 remains unchanged. Peak power is rated as 430 kW along with 700 N.m of torque.

Electronically controlled dynamic engine and transmission mounts have been retuned to increase agility and deliver high-precision response and clear feedback.

Driver tuned

Instead of more power, Mercedes-AMG engineers have created a car that enthusiastic drivers can enjoy on the racetrack. To make the car more engaging they have equipped it with an adjustable coilover suspension. Drivers can set spring preload length mechanically, and adjust the compression and rebound of the dampers. This is done quickly, without tools via a click system with an adjustment dial on the damper.

The front axle is fitted with an adjustable anti-roll bar made of lightweight carbon fibre. Its counterpart at the rear is made of hollow steel, is also adjustable. A carbon-fibre shear panel under the body of the rear end contributes to handling precision. This rigid element stiffens the rear-end structure and adds more stability to the body shell.

Light weight

Plenty of carbon-fibre has been adopted to save weight. Other mass-saving measures include a standard-fit ceramic high-performance compound braking system, bucket seats made of carbon-fibre and lightweight AMG Performance 5-double-spoke forged wheels.


Aerodynamic fine-tuning increases performance as well. A redesigned front apron was fitted with two dive planes on the edges. The front splitter was extended further forward and is held by small metal braces, which stabilise the front splitter at higher speeds.

Air slots in the front wings effectively vent the wheel arches and help reduce reducing front-axle lift. The active aerodynamics at play in the underbody, an air regulation system in the front apron and the large wing on the hatch are part of the standard specification. The rear wing is fitted with a lip (gurney) to increase downforce on the rear axle.

Ring leader

A prototype Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO driven by AMG GT3 racing driver Maro Engel completed a lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife in exactly 7 min 04,632 minutes. See below for video.

Original story

In a few days, Mercedes-Benz will debut one of its most extreme models to date, the Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO, at the LA Auto Show. This new model is an extension of the brand’s AMG GT sportscar family. Incidentally, updated versions of the GT range will be unveiled at the same show.


Mercedes says that the AMG GT R PRO is a more track-focused version of the already impressive GT R. The limited-edition Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO has been modified in numerous details to deliver even more racetrack performance.

The changes have been adopted from successful lessons learned from the company’s customer racing activities with AMG GT3 and AMG GT4 racing cars. The update of the AMG GT series includes modifications to the exterior and interior that emphasise the close relationship to the 4-door AMG GT Coupé.

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Lighter with more grip

It’s no secret that Mercedes-AMG has been targeting the Porsche 911 range with the GT sportscars. The Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO can be seen as a GT3 RS equivalent. Reports suggest that the model has lost a few kilograms to make it more nimble on track. To aid grip there is a new, larger front splitter and a massive fixed wing on the tail.

The current GT R produces 430 kW from its twin-turbocharged V8 motor. We can expect that to rise closer to 450 kW in the new model. Suspension settings will be recalibrated to deal with the added downforce and power increase. With a lower mass and added grip we can expect much higher levels of performance over the current range leader.

More on the cards

The Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO will hold the mantle of most extreme AMG for a while, but it will eventually be usurped. There are several reports that claim an even more hard-core Black Series version is on its way. It has been some time since AMG has launched a Black Series version of any model, the SLS was the last. The time is right and the AMG GT R is the right base for such an extreme model.