Just about every weekend UK automotive website Car Wow releases a new drag race video. We have hosted many on our site, you can see them by clicking here. This weekend is a real goodie: a supercar drag race featuring three heavy hitters. The contenders today are a Ferrari Pista, Lamborghini Aventador SV and a McLaren 720S.

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Almost twins

The Ferrari Pista and McLaren are natural rivals. Both feature twin-turbocharged V8 engines that displace just under four litres each. Power is then delivered to the rear wheels via dual-clutch transmissions in both cars. The quoted power output of both engines is an even 530 kW and an identical 770 N.m of torque. The cars could hardly be more identical if they were made by the same company.

Watch a Ferrari Pista vs McLaren 720S track battle at this link.

Naturally aspirated

Lamborghini’s Aventador SV is the only naturally aspirated car of the trio. The 6,5-litre V12 powerplant develops a leading 552 kW, but less torque than its rivals with ‘just’ 690 N.m on tap. It counters with an all-wheel-drive system to put its power to the pavement.

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Watch the all three go head-to-head-to-head in the supercar drag race below. If you enjoy the video please feel free to share with your petrolhead buddies using the social media buttons below.