The all-electric Formula E hasn’t quite taken off the way many thought it would. But with each passing season, more OEMs are getting involved. BMW has been a firm supporter of the series, going as far as supplying the Safety Car. Ahead of this weekend’s Monaco E-Prix the new BMW i8 Roadster Safety Car was unveiled.

Click here to watch a ridiculous Safety Car incident at a recent Touring Car race.

The world’s first

BMW already provided an i8 Safety Car, but this new car is unique among such track vehicles in that it has no fixed hood. The most striking modification is to the front windscreen, which is shorter than the production model, and the fixed rear wing. The Safety Car’s centre of gravity is also 15 millimetres lower than the production car. Upgrades include M Carbon Ceramic Brakes, an FIA-approved roll bar and a front splitter.

A light bar is mounted above the rear wing, making it easily visible from all angles. The BMW i8 Roadster Safety Car also has a communication antenna and a GPS antenna, an extensive communication system in the cockpit, and a rear-view camera. BMW’s press release makes no mention of any engine modifications.

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In his own words

“BMW i and Formula E are synonymous with innovation, making them excellently suited to each other. This project is another very good example of the pioneering spirit at BMW i and in Formula E,” said Dr. Robert Irlinger, Head of BMW i. “In implementing the BMW i8 Roadster Safety Car, the BMW i engineers, designers and communications crew have dared to explore new horizons and create an absolutely unique car. The development team behind the Safety Car is akin to a start-up. Our engineers got creative within their own ranks and assembled it on top of their regular jobs. In doing so, they have achieved something completely new. I am very grateful to the FIA and Formula E for showing such enthusiasm towards our innovation and for making it possible to use the BMW i8 Roadster as an official Safety Car.”