This video is a must for all motorsport fans as it makes COTA lap time comparisons across various racing series. Debates rage weekly between fans about which form of motorsport is the best. Comparisons are usually quite difficult as different top-flight series around the world seldom, if ever, run on the same racetracks. Formula 1 races take place all over the world, the IndyCar series competes mostly in the Americas while MotoGP runs on two-wheel friendly tracks.

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Common ground

Well, there is one place where the abovementioned categories, as well as several others, have all visited in the recent past to compete, and that is the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. The incredible facility was constructed in 2012 as a home for the F1 Grand Prix in the US. Since then many two- and four-wheel formulae have participated there.

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In the video below a US-based fan takes a look at COTA lap time comparisons as the US’s premier two-wheel class, IndyCar raced at the circuit for the first time. In doing so it became the most-recent category to race there, which lead to the creation of this video; enjoy. Let us know which is your favourite form of racing on our on Facebook page.