The chaps from English automotive website Car Wow arrange some truly entertaining drag races. They line up all manner of machines to go head-to-head over the quarter mile. Usually the cars are natural rivals from the new car market but the rallycross drag race they featured this week is unique. 

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The rivals in this video include three rallycross cars from different championships and a tuned BMW M5 that has 746 kW (an even 1 000 bhp) of power on tap. This car has been, as you can guess, heavily modified by a UK tuning house called Evolve. Car Wow chose the mad M5 for this rallycross drag race because it is the quickest car they’ve timed over the standing start drag, at 10,0 seconds.

Rallycross cars are known to be quick off the line. Top-flight FIA RX Supercars from the world championship, such as the Mini featured here, have 450 kW/1 000 N.m of torque and can sprint from rest to 100 km/h in a lightning quick 1,9 seconds. Click here to check out Part One of our bespoke gallery of images from the SA round of the FIA RX series and click here for Part Two.

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The other two rallycross cars are Fords. The newer Fiesta competes in the English Rallycross series and the older car is a Ford RS200 that was created for the fearsome Group B rally era. The RS200 is the kind of car that members of the public could buy thanks to homologation rules, which you can read more about in our column No More Road-going Racecars by clicking here

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