The Mercedes-AMG A45 blew the hatch segment wide open when it was first launched a few years ago. With 265 kW the first-gen A45 was head and shoulders above any other turbocharged four-cylinder hatch on the market. Not keen to rest on their laurels the second-generation A45, launched last year, upped the game yet again with an output of 310 kW. Read more about the engine at this link. Now we have the Posaidon Mercedes-AMG A45 that takes things to another level.

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Power up

German tuning house Posaidon decided to give the AMG hyper hatch a working over to ramp up power. The company’s RS525 upgrade replaces the A45’s turbocharger with a new unit. To match the larger blower they revised the engine mapping, and software of the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. Once all the revisions are made peak power rises to 386 kW (525 hp, hence the name) with a crazy (for a four-cylinder) 600 N.m of torque, for reference, a stock A45S produces 500 N.m. And Posaidon isn’t quite done yet. The company says an even more powerful ‘Plus’ tuning package is still in the pipeline.

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Performance increase

Naturally, a 25 per cent bump in power comes with much better performance. The Posaidon Mercedes-AMG A45 is said to be able to reach a top speed of 324 km/h (201 mph in old money). The company also says the RS525 package shaves half a second of the car’s zero-100 km/h sprint. The new time is quoted as 3,4 seconds, versus 3,9 for the standard car.

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For those who aren’t as obsessed with such high power numbers there is a slightly less bonkers version. With a few software tweaks adjustments this model produces 342 kW and 560 N.m. Sprinting to 100 km/h takes 3,6 seconds with a top speed of 318 km/h.