Porsche’s engineering development and racing success; the very best of Group C had, for one very special weekend, returned in all its glory. 21 examples of the familiar 956 and 962 descended on the 79th Goodwood Members’ Meeting for a Porsche Group C Reunion. 16 examples took part in a high-speed demonstration run. This was the largest number of works and privateer 956 and 962 models to have been driven together in history.

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Record setter

In 1983, the 956 in both works and customer guise took an incredible nine out of the first 10 places at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Click here to check out some of the most famous Porsche Le Mans cars. 1983 was also the year in which Stefan Bellof set the long-standing lap record around the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife. Bellof clocked a time of six minutes 11 seconds while qualifying for the 1 000 km race. Incidentally, that time is still the fastest single lap for a series racing car around the famously dangerous circuit. You can watch the searing new record lap, also set by a Porsche, by clicking here.

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Porsche’s Le Mans-winning 956 and 962 in famous Rothmans liveries were in attendance. They were joined by a recently restored 962C and alongside them were a myriad privately owned ex-works and customer examples. Among these were the yellow and black New-Man Joest Racing 956 that won Le Mans in 1985 and the bright green Skoal Bandit 956B.

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Fittingly, the sports prototypes took to the track at dusk. The flat-six engines roared and wastegates chattered as drivers put on a display that would have transported fans straight back to the mid-1980s. Catch part of the Porsche Group C Reunion in the video below.