Earlier today was the very first race at the revised Zandvoort Grand Prix Circuit. The track was recently updated and renovated for its reintroduction into the 2020 Formula 1 calendar (you can read our earlier story at this link). And today was also the first Porsche Crash at Zandvoort in its new format.

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This Porsche 991 racecar had a big crash whilst lapping traffic. Details aren’t clear but it seems that GT3 Cup car collided with another, slower vehicle. The contact sent the 911 skywards and over the barriers in spectacular fashion; track marshals can be seen running for cover. The car eventually came to a rest on its roof. Thankfully the driver got out by himself, though he did look a bit winded. Reports suggest that he was taken away in an ambulance to the circuit’s medical centre but cleared of any serious injury.

Today’s crash reminded us a bit of the crazy Lamborghini accident that took place at Laguna Seca (link here) and this massive Porsche crash (at this link) at the Nurburgring last year. You can see the Porsche crash at Zandvoort video below, and a look at the very first laps completed by a Formula One car at the bottom of this post.