If it’s Saturday, that must mean it’s time for another Car Wow drag race. Today they have arranged a compact AWD drag race. The protagonists are the Audi S3 saloon (learn more about the upcoming S3 at this link), the Mercedes-AMG CLA35 (read more about the CLA here), and an unlikely contender in the shape of the Mini Clubman JCW. These cars are a step down from the more potent versions we saw in the German compact car drag race video that we featured a few days ago (click here to watch that race).

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Perfectly matched

The three cars in today’s series of straight-line challenges are perfectly matched. They all have four doors and are powered by turbocharged 2,0-litre engines. In each case, power is fed to all four wheels and the transmission has a launch control feature. Power ratings for each are around the 225 kW mark. All these aspects conspire to bring us three cars that we normally would not consider rivals, but seems as though they were made to take on each other.

In the compact AWD drag race Car Wow races the cars from a standing start… with interesting results. Then from a rolling start at 80 km/h, and finally they do a full ABS-activated brake test to see which car performs the best.

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