Every weekend the chaps from UK automotive site Car Wow bring us a new drag race video. This week it’s the turn of new versus old tech in a petrol vs battery drag race. Click here to watch a good old petrol-fuelled V8 drag race battle.

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Old vs new tech

New tech is represented by the latest version of the Tesla Models S Performance. It has 615 kW on tap from dual electric motors. Even more impressive is the 1 300 N.m of torque that it produces from the moment the motors start turning. Unfortunately, electrical gubbins, such as batteries and cabling weigh a lot and the Tesla Model S Performance tips the scales at a portly 2 241 kg.

Click here to watch performance SUVs drag racing.

Lamborghini flies the flag for die-hard petrolheads. The Aventador S Roadster has 552 kW of power and 690 N.m of torque from a high-revving naturally aspirated V12 that displaces 6,5-litres. It does weigh a scant 1 625 kg when compared with the Tesla. Both cars have automatic transmissions and deliver power to the ground via all-wheel-drive.

Watch two battery-powered sportscars, Tesla and Porsche Taycan go head-to-head in this video.

Lights out

The two cars in this petrol vs battery drag race battle in a series of straight-line challenges. First up is a drag race from the line, then a rolling race from 80 km/h and finally a braking test. You may be surprised at the results. Before you click to watch the video, take a guess as to which car is quicker and leave your comment on our Facebook page.