Pagani Automobili already makes some of the most desirable cars on the planet. Every so often the Italian hypercar maker produces something even more special. This week the company announced a new, extremely limited-edition model called the Pagani Imola. The road-going hypercar is limited to only five examples. Bad news if you want one… they’re all already sold.

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Track-tested V12

If you are a motorsport fan you’ll recognise the name of the car as it is the racetrack on which the Pagani Imola was modeled and fine-tuned. Pagani Imola has covered over 16 000 km on the track at high speed, which is the equivalent of three times the distance modern racecars achieve at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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Pride of place in the Pagani Imola is a newly developed twin-turbocharged 6,0-litre powerplant. Engine supplier Mercedes-AMG has ramped up power in the V12 to 617 kW with 1 100 N.m of torque. Drive is sent to the rear axle through an Xtrac seven-speed sequential gearbox. Pagani says the new car tips the scales at a scant 1 246 kilograms.

Rolling stock consists of 20-inch front and 21-inch rear alloys. These are wrapped with specially developed Pirelli Trofeo R rubber measuring 265- and 335 mm, respectively. The wheels cover massive brakes. Front discs are 398 mm clamped by six-piston monoblock calipers and there are 380 mm rotors with four-piston calipers aft.

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Pagani Imola uses the same active aerodynamics system introduced by the Huayra. This means that each of the four movable winglets behaves according to the driving scenario in a dynamic way and even when braking, by generating an aerodynamic braking action. Revised bodywork includes a massive rear wing and diffuser there are also more air intakes and a pronounced roof intake for the motor.

In his own words

“Imola is a sacred place for car enthusiasts. It’s a fast, difficult, technical circuit that has always separated the wheat from the chaff, in terms of both men and machines. A circuit that has made the fastest drivers faster, one that has given rise to fierce duels between opponents and gentlemen, and where the sweetest victories and bitterest tragedies have been witnessed. A circuit in the Motor Valley of Emilia Romagna. A place that has given so much to the automotive industry. That has given so much to Pagani.” Horacio Pagani, founder & chief designer di Pagani Automobili.