Omoda is a sub-brand of Chinese automaker Chery. The parent company, Chery Automobile, is diversifying its offerings with two sub-brands, Omoda and Jaecoo. Jaecoo models will be introduced from early in 2024. In the meanwhile, Chery SA recently added another derivative to its Omoda range. The newest addition, which slots in above existing C5 derivatives as the range-leader, is called the Omoda C5 GT.

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A New Name

Omoda is probably a badge that most people aren’t familiar with. Chery introduced Omoda to the local market earlier this year. SA was one of the first markets outside of China to receive products from Omoda. We attended the national ride-and-drive event of the very first Omoda model to be launched locally (you can read more here). The C5 will be followed by a raft of new (ICE and electrified) models that will go on sale in 2024 and beyon.

C5 Based

The first-ever Omoda was the C5. It’s a mid-ish sized crossover that was designed to appeal to a stylish, tech-savvy buyer. The current C5 range uses 1,5-litre turbocharged engines mated with CVTs. The Omoda C5 GT boasts a larger, 1,6-litre motor that is coupled with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Incidentally, this is the same powertrain that is used in the Tiggo 7 Pro Max, which we drove at the same event.

Maximum power is quoted as 145 kW along with a peak torque figure of 290 N.m. ‘Regular’ C5 versions have 115 kW of power and 230 N.m of torque. Omoda says the more powerful C5 GT can accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h in just 7,8 seconds.

New Styling Cues

The C5 already stands out with dramatic detailing, such as a bold front grille, slim headlamps and, in some cases, red detailing. The Omoda C5 GT builds on that aesthetic with up to eight different exterior customisation options. Among these are a gold logo on the nose, side skirts, gold GT badging on the rear and 18-inch alloys in a similar shade. There is also the option of a roof-mounted spoiler.

Quick Taste

We drove the Omoda C5 GT for a brief stint at its national ride-and-drive event a few days ago. Driivng it back-to-back with the lower-powered C5 highlights the added oomph. The twin-clutch transmission feels a little more urgent than the standard CVT. Although, we’d still prefer a pair of paddles to swap cogs as desired.


Chery is on a massive product offensive. Many new models will be introduced to the SA marker from the Chinese factory in the next year or so. Omoda forms a big part of that roll-out. The GT version of the range adds a bit of punch to the value proposition that is the C5.

Omoda C5 GT Pricing

R589 000