Ever hear of Picasso Automotive? No, neither had we until pretty recently. The Swiss-based automaker was founded in 2020, but it has already unveiled its first road car. Say hello to the Picasso Automotive 660 LMS. 660 stands for the horsepower of its engine. LM indicates the Le Mans prototype-inspired body. And S is for street use. 

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Bespoke creation

The 660 LMS was designed and engineered by Picasso Automotive at its premises in San Vittore, Switzerland. Incidentally, that is also where all 21 units of this ultra-exclusive supercar will be built. The low-slung model is made almost entirely from carbon-fibre. The company’s aim was to keep the weight as low as possible. The end result is a mass of just 980 kg, which is about the same mass as Gordon Murray’s upcoming GMA T.50 supercar.

Racecar for the road

Peak power of the Picasso Automotive 660 LMS is also similar to the T.50. The engine produces 485 kW with the peak torque value rated as 720 N.m. Unlike the V12-powered GMA, power is derived from a dry-sump, twin-turbocharged V6. This 3,0-litre billet aluminium powertrain, is supplied by Autotecnica Motori and, can rev to 8 000 r/min. The Italian company usually builds engines solely for competition use.

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A racing-derived, six-speed sequential transmission sends drive to the rear wheels. The unit is supplied by Sadev another brand well-known to those in the motorsport world. The final link in the transmission chain are centre-lock alloys shod with Pirelli Trofeo-R semi-slick tyres. The wheels shroud Brembo brakes with six-pot calipers fitted up front and four-piston items at the rear.

Heavy on the downforce

Picasso Automotive says they spent several hours running CFD simulations and real-life wind tunnel analyses. The 660 LMS has a front splitter, an adjustable rear wing, a flat floor and a large rear diffuser. As a result it can generate 960 kilograms of downforce at 315 km/h, which also happens to be its top speed. Oddly, the company makes no other performance claims.

In his own words

Company’s CEO and founder Stefano Picasso says: “The whole car has been engineered to maximise performance on the road and on the track. We wanted a sensational, responsive and at the same time technical drive, which can be appreciated both by professionals and amateurs”.