A few months ago a company called Officine Fioravanti made the announcement that it was creating a restomod based on the Ferrari Testarossa. This week the Officine Fioravanti Testarossa made its debut. But don’t call it a restomod, the company prefers the term ‘automotive neoclassicism’.

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Old school made new

The Officine Fioravanti Testarossa is based on that famous supercar of the 1980s, the poster of which adorned the walls of many young petrolheads. Not to forget the starring role the car played in the crime series Miami Vice. Starting point for the exercise is the very early edition Testarossa, recognisable by its single rear-view mirror

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Officine Fioravanti are obviously fans and decided to apply the restomod, sorry, automotive neoclassicism treatment to the range-leading Prancing Horse. The aim of the company was to preserve the aesthetics of the original, but to bring the Testarossa into the new millennium.

More power, less weight

Officine Fioravanti takes apart the 12-cylinder of the Ferrari and completely rebuilds it, fitting it with modern electronic management, a revised intake and a lightweight exhaust system. Power rises from the donor car’s 287 kW to over 380, in part by making the motor rev to 9 000 r/min (you can hear the upgraded engine at full chat in the video at the bottom of this post).

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Peak torque is ramped up to 600 N.m. Power is still transferred to the rear wheels by a five-speed manual transmission. Total mass has been reduced by 130 kg. The car’s top speed is rated as 323 km/h, thanks to the raised power output and new aerodynamics, particularly on the underside.

The suspension now features adjustable anti-roll bars and electronically controlled Öhlins dampers. The alloys are similar in design to the originals but now measure 17 and 18 inches. Officine Fioravanti offers sticky footwear from Michelin or Pirelli. The larger wheels allow for the fitment of Brembo brakes with six and four piston calipers. 

Old look, new tech

The interior of the Officine Fioravanti Testarossa is similar to the original but features new leather upholstery. A new audio system boasts Apple CarPlay and USB-C charging sockets. To keep the retro theme there is even a 1980’s style carphone.