The Mercedes Simplex Concept car was unveiled this weekend at the Design Essentials 2019 show in Nice, France. This minimalist model is an “homage to the historical legacy and the birth of the brand”.

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A walk down memory lane

Mercedes 35 PS

Mercedes 35 PS

In spring 1901 the Mercedes 35 PS was shown to the world. The car was debuted at an event called Race Week in France. It went on to dominate the competitions, which took place from Nice to La Turbie. Mercedes press blurb says “the design is acknowledged as the first modern car and it heralded in a new era”. Almost 120 years have passed since that simple racer was created. The Mercedes Simplex concept car recalls the historic 35 PS in design and technical execution.

Looking forward

The Mercedes Simplex concept car reinterprets the historic racer as a two-seater with large, freestanding wheels. Transparent trim on the wheels reflect lightness and efficiency. Aerodynamic surface areas are seen between the front wheels and the vehicle body. Slim reversing lamps are horizontally integrated into the rear section.

The design of the steering column and the switches on the instrument panel were inspired by motorcycles. The bench seat is inspired by stylish furniture, with Chesterfield quilting denoting a contemporary interpretation of classical handcraftsmanship. Inside, the concept model has a combination of mechanical touches and digital content. Thanks to the presentation and the size of the display the driver can take in relevant information and yet still concentrate fully on the road at all times.

In his own words

“Only a brand that is as strong as Mercedes-Benz is capable of the physical symbiosis of history and future. The “Vision Mercedes Simplex” symbolises the transformation of the brand-specific luxury of Mercedes-Benz”, says chief design officer Gorden Wagener.