Mercedes-Benz new electric vehicle onslaught continues. New models from the battery powered Mercedes-AMG range debuted under the EQE umbrella have just debuted. The Mercedes-AMG EQE models that were added to the electric car portfolio take the shape of the EQE43 4Matic and the EQE53 4Matic+.

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“With two new models, we are expanding our range with purely electrically powered performance vehicles and are thus addressing additional target groups. The EQE43 4Matic is the entry-level model for electric Driving Performance from Mercedes-AMG. The EQE 53 4Matic+, on the other hand, focuses on even more sportiness and greater driving dynamics,” says Philipp Schiemer, chairman of the board of management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

You can learn about EQE models heading to SA shortly at this link.

Two versions

Both new Mercedes-AMG EQE models are fitted with two electric motors. There is an electric drivetrain with a motor on each of the axles. This set-up offers fully variable all-wheel drive. The drivetrain is powered by 328-volt lithium-ion battery that has a usable energy content of 90,6 kWh 

The EQE43 offers 350 kW while its more powerful sibling has up to 505 kW with the optional AMG Dynamic Plus Package and boost function. Peak torque is an even more impressive 858 N.m in the EQE43 and a whopping 1 000 N.m in the EQE53. Drivers can tailor the drivetrain via the AMG Drive Select dial. Five drive programs “Slippery”, “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Sport+” and “Individual” adjust the suspension, power delivery and battery usage parameters.

An AMG high-performance brake system is fitted to slow these rapid machines . Six-piston brake calipers act on 415 mm brake discs on the front axle while the rear rear has single-piston brake calipers on 378 mm brake discs. Carbon ceramic items are optional.


Multi-link suspension arrangements, front and rear, are standard on both versions of the Mercedes-AMG EQE. AMG-specific wheel carriers, suspension links and anti-roll bars with higher rigidity are fitted for added dynamism. In addition, both variants are equipped with rear axle steering as standard for more agility. Up to 3,6 degrees of angle can be added to the rear wheels at speeds up to 60 km/h.

Mercedes-AMG EQE Models At A Glance

  AMG EQE43 4Matic AMG EQE53 4Matic+
Maximum total output:

(without/with AMG Dymanic Plus Package)

350 kW 460 kW/505 kW
Maximum total torque

(without/with AMG Dymanic Plus Package)

858 N.m


950 N.m/1 000 N.m

0-100 km/h

(without/with AMG Dymanic Plus Package)

4,2 seconds

(min. 50% state-of-charge)

3,5 /3,3 seconds

(min. 70% state-of-charge)

Top speed

(without/with AMG Dymanic Plus Package)

210 km/h 220 km/h/240 km/h