Remember when you were a kid and saw a crazy car on a TV show or video game and thought, I really want to drive that. Well, it seems there is no better time than right now to indulge those flights of fancy, provided your pockets are deep enough. The McLaren BC-03 is a new hypercar being built for one lucky/very rich customer.


In a recent report by UK site PistonHeads, it was stated that the McLaren BC-03 is being created by the firm’s McLaren Special Operations division. McLaren did not divulge any of the juicy details regarding its new creation, but it is rumoured that the McLaren BC-03 will draw influence from the Vision GT Concept (pictured above).

McLaren F1 may be having a few seasons that it would rather forget, but the road-car division is producing several new high-end models, such as the upcoming Speedtail hypercar for fans to lust after. Incidentally, the Speedtail is set to debut later this week.

Hybrid power

Since the P1 hypercar, there have been no hybrid powertrains released in new McLaren products, though it has been reported that the firm has been working on such technologies of late. The three-seater Speedtail will feature some form of electrification and, most likely, so will the BC-03.

McLaren BC-03 will probably feature a highly tuned version of the company’s twin-turbocharged 4,0-litre V8. Reports suggest that, with the hybrid component, the power unit could crank out up to 750 kW. While the petrol engine will power the rear axle there will be an electric motor powering each of the front wheels, making it all-wheel-drive.

Light weight

Housing this technologically advanced set-up will be a lightweight version of McLaren’s carbon-fibre monocoque. It is likely to feature high levels of downforce, more than that seen on the McLaren Senna, with a strong bias towards track use.