The fastest and most sporting model from Ingolstadt, the Audi R8 has been updated for 2019.

Uprated engines

It is a well-known fact that Audi R8 shares it underpinnings and V10 powertrains with its Lamborghini cousin, the Huracan. Read our Huracan Performante review here.

Audi’s press release states that the V10 engine will now be offered in two new power output versions. Bizarrely there is no mention of what these new power ratings are. Considering that the two stablemates currently offer equal power, it can’t be long before the Huracan receives a power increase as well.

More control

Keeping strong links between its GT3/GT4 racecar programmes and road-going counterparts, Audi has been using lessons learned on the track and translating/adapting them for road use.

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The 2019 Audi R8 features sharper steering, improved braking, and better handling, the latter thanks to revised suspension settings. The new Audi R8 is equipped with 19-inch wheels as standard. Ultra-light 20-inch alloys are available as an option. As before Audi offers composite brake discs as an alternative to steel items.

New looks

The latest Audi R8 will be easily recognisable thanks to several new design cues, not least of all those new alloys. Audi’s signature single-frame radiator grille has a wider, flatter line. A horizontal slit in the bonnet, just above the bumper is reminiscent of the Audi Ur-quattro. A new front splitter is now wider. Changes at the rear complement the new front design revisions. All the stylistic changes made on the coupe are also carried out on the Spyder version. Two new metallic colours Kemora Gray and Ascari Blue have been added to the paint options.

The chaps from Auto Bild magazine were fortunate enough to get an early preview of the model. The video can be seen here.