McLaren is busy reading its fastest car ever, the McLaren Speedtail. Rumour has it that the chaps at Woking have targeted a top speed of over 400 km/h and blistering acceleration. McLaren say that this new model will be it’s fastest and most luxurious ever built

Limited edition

McLaren Speedtail is the latest hypercar, adding to McLaren’s P1 in the Ultimate Series family. It has been confirmed that only 106 units of the model will be made, exactly the same as the famous McLaren F1. The F1 is considered by many as being the original hypercar. Pricing is said to be around $2,5 m each. That price is no hindrance as every car has already been sold, even before the model was revealed to a single buyer.

What we know

McLaren Speedtail will feature a three-seat layout with the driver in the centre. That is another nod to the famous F1. Power will come from a hybrid powerplant that will produce over 736 kilowatts. The Speedtail is expected to be powered by a heavily tuned version of the firm’s 4,0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 and an electrical drive system.

But the new car won’t be as focused as the P1, concentrating on-road use rather than creating a track-focused machine. This will make it the only true rival to the Bugatti Chiron. Other models such as the Mercedes-AMG Project One and Aston Martin Valkyrie both seem to place a premium on track performance

Initially, the project was codenamed BP23. BP stands for Bespoke Project, the number 2 represents the fact that this will be MSO’s second such project (after the McLaren F1), and 3 denotes the number of seats.

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We expect the McLaren Speedtail to make its official appearance before the end of the year, with customer deliveries taking place in 2019.

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