A few months ago we brought you a story of an interesting concept car called the Lynk and Co 03 Cyan Concept. It is a collaboration between Lynk & Co, a new Chinese-Swedish automotive manufacturer owned by the same parent company that owns Volvo, and Cyan Racing.

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A racecar for the road

A racecar for the road is a trite adage that is bandied around too easily, but it is apt when referring to the Lynk and Co 03 Cyan Concept; everything about it screams racecar.

It is powered by a turbocharged inline four that revs to 8 000 r/min. In doing so the 2,0-litre engine produces 394 kW with peak torque of 540 N.m. That power is put down to the 20-inch-diameter front alloys via a six-speed sequential transmission and multi-plate limited slip differential.

Considering it is front-wheel drive, the benchmark 0-100 km/h time is impressive at 4,4 seconds, it can get to 0-200 km/h in 10 and will top out at 310 km/h. Cyan says the Lynk and Co 03 Cyan Concept can pull maximum lateral g-forces of 1,5G thanks to the 285 section rubber and Öhlins adjustable suspension.

Helping slow the car is a race-derived braking system with six-piston calipers clamping 380 mm ventilated discs up front and two-piston calipers acting on 278 mm ventilated discs at the rear.

In his own words

“This is a natural step for us together with Lynk & Co. To build a road version of a racecar is a great way to learn more about a car and its characteristics,” said Christian Dahl, founder and owner of Cyan Racing. This is a performance concept but it might also be a first step towards a performance offer for Lynk & Co customers were we bring what we learn on the track to the road.”