One of our all-time favourite sportscars the Lotus Exige turns 20 in 2020. The UK-based sportscar producer celebrates the creation of this lightweight giant-killer by releasing the Exige Sport 410 20th Anniversary edition.

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All versions come with upgraded exterior features commemorating the Exige Series 1 launched in 2000. These revisions include body-coloured roof, side air intake pods and rear wing, plus the black ‘shark fin’ stone chip protector ahead of the rear wheels. Each car is finished in a choice of retro-inspired colours. The special treatment is also applied to the interior. There’s a choice of different coloured Alcantara trims, and each seat is decorated with paneled stitching.

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Bespoke touches

A unique ‘20th Anniversary’ black silhouette logo that features a profile of the Series 1 is applied to the front fenders above the indicators, on the rear bumper and a “20” decal is applied to the rear-wing end-plates. Inside the logo is embroidered on the seatbacks and embossed on the car’s dashboard build plate.

Standard equipment on this anniversary edition includes Nitron adjustable dampers and a carbon-fibre front splitter, front access panel and rear tailgate. Other standard items include ultra-lightweight forged alloy wheels and an Alcantara steering wheel.

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Supercharged power

As with other Exige 410 models, power is derived from a 3,5-litre V6. This all-aluminium unit uses a supercharger to produce 305 kW (410 bhp as in the name), and 420 N.m of torque at 3 500 r/min. These figures endow the 1,1-ton sportscar with supercar-rivalling performance stats.

According to Lotus the Exige 410 can sprint from standstill to 100 km/h in just 3,4 seconds. Flat out it will manage 282 km/h. Helping to slow from those speeds are AP Racing brakes with forged, four-piston calipers and two-piece J-hook brake discs. To ensure driver confidence and stability at speed the Exige generates genuine downforce. Aero tuning of the bodywork generates 70 kg of downforce at the rear and 45 kg on the front axle for a total of 115 kg.