If you’ve been reading our site this week you would have noticed a few new models launched at the Shanghai Auto Show. The one we were most excited to see was the Lotus Evora GT4 concept.

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A new development

The racer was developed using lessons learned in the heat of competition. The last generation of Evora GT4 won championships and races at the most famous tracks around the world, including British GT, Dubai 24hrs, Barcelona 24hrs, European GT4 and Sepang 12hr.

The new Lotus Evora GT4 Concept is similar in size to its road-going Evoras counterparts, but with added aggression in its appearance. Lightweight body panels allows for the introduction of advanced aerodynamics to boost downforce and high-speed stability.

Some of the model-specific changes include removable canards and in-mouth brake ducts, as well as louvres positioned on top of each front wheel arch to reduce pressure above the wheel. Sculpted ducts behind each wheel vent airflow as quickly as possible from the wheel arches. A four-vein diffuser and an adjustable, carbon-fibre, flat-plan motorsport wing are responsible for the bulk of downforce.


Power is derived from a supercharged 3,5-litre V6, 24-valve motor with charge-cooling. Peak power is rated as 336 kW with maximum torque of 510 N.m. Drive is fed to the rear axle through a sequential six-speed motorsport transmission coupled to Numatics paddle shift system and Torsen type limited slip differential.

Lotus quotes the mass of the Lotus Evora GT4 Concept as 1 200 kg and say that the car is geared for top speed of 274 km/h. Helping to slow the racecar from those speeds are two-piece grooved and ventilated discs measuring 380 mm on the front wheels and 355 mm at the rear.

In his own words

Commenting on the launch of new Lotus Evora GT4 in Shanghai, Phil Popham, CEO, Lotus Cars said: “Lotus as a brand was born from the thrill of competition, and the Evora GT4 Concept will continue that legacy while opening up a new chapter in our racing experience. All of our cars retain motorsport within their DNA, and almost every road car in the company’s history has raced successfully at some point. It’s the philosophy that Colin Chapman founded Lotus on, and that we proudly continue to this day.”

Gavan Kershaw explains “Every Lotus is famed for its performance in ride and handling on challenging roads, surfaces and through tight corners. This performance is borne from years of motorsport experience and testing at our HQ test track in Hethel, UK. All of which delivers confidence, response and feel to the driver. With this knowledge and the underpinning of a stiff chassis, low centre of gravity, double wish bone suspension and all the traits expected of a Lotus race car, this Lotus race car will give the driver a competitive edge right from the start.”