A few months ago Lotus wowed the world with an all-new sportscar called the Emira. This was the first new product from the British carmaker in nearly two decades. This week they pulled the covers off the Lotus Emira GT4 racecar. 

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Motorsport DNA

Lotus has a long and successful heritage in motorsport that stretches back to the Formula One team of company founder Colin Chapman. Success in the sport includes seven Formula 1 constructors’ titles, six drivers’ championships and the Indianapolis 500. In recent times the brand has been concentrating on GT car racing, in particular the GT4 class of competition (as with this Evora GT car). Lotus’ latest creation is the all-new competition-spec Emira GT4 challenger.

Factory ready racer

As with almost all GT-spec racers, customer cars will be homologated performance machines, hand-built with lightweight motorsport components and equipment to meet the latest safety regulations. Advanced composite bodywork makes the car lighter than its production counterpart. 

Learn more about the road-going Emira at this link.

The Lotus Emira GT4 is powered by Toyota’s race-proven 3,5-litre V6 engine. The motor will produce approximately 300 kW, depending on the series it competes in, with the help of a supercharger. Drive is sent to the rear axle via a six-speed sequential transmission. Suspension is by double wishbones at each corner, controlled by Ohlins adjustable dampers. Braking duties are taken care of by Alcon discs and calipers.

Gavan Kershaw, today the director of vehicle attributes for Lotus but previously a GT championship-winning driver of Lotus racecars, has been involved in the development of the Lotus Emira GT4 from the start. He commented: “The all-new chassis on which the Emira has been developed is the perfect starting point for a high-performance racecar. Everyone at Lotus is so excited to be returning to world motorsport and to be doing so with such a competitive racecar.”